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There's nothing to see (or hear) here. But I would be remiss to leave out this formative era of my life, especially because so much of what I bring to everything else I do is still filtered through the magical and mysterious language of music. I was never "good" at music, but somehow I was able to fake it enough to make all my dreams come true, first by releasing records and touring the country as a founder of the Los Angeles-based band, Earlimart, then by joining up with one of my heroes, Spiral Stairs, guitarist of Pavement, and touring the rest of the world with his band, Preston School of Industry. I also had my own little project called Panty Lions and sometimes jumped on stage with one of my favorite bands from the UK, Sleeping States. Over the years, I was fortunate to play with and befriend some real legends, many of whom are no longer with us. It still blows my mind (and makes me fun to hang out with at parties). 

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